What We Do in 2017

Islamic Development Bank (IDB) support for the development of four universities as the Center for National Competitiveness is effective since May 19, 2016. Through this program, State University of Malang (UM) intends to develop itself into Learning Innovation Center. There are some programs that are planned in this project. First, UM will develop Life-based curriculum for its baccalaureate program (S1). Second, UM will improve its quality of Human Resources (HR), which includes doctoral studies abroad, training activities at international and national level for lecturers and other education personnel. Third, UM will increase the number of research and scientific publications through research grants. Fourth, UM will conduct collaborative research with three universities in the 4in1. Fifth, UM will increase the capacity and quality of the building and the accompanying equipment and furnishings. The planned building is the two 9-floor building that will serve as the common lecture buildings.


In 2016, UM has been carrying out preparatory program (selecting 52 candidates and preparing them in English training for TOEFL) for staff development that will further their study abroad. Selection of research grants, including research consortium, has also been completed and resulted in 26 proposals which were approved for funding. Staff development program to provide training and curriculum development programs are at preparation stage. For the construction of the common lecture buildings, UM has completed a joint planning process DEDC (Detailed Engineering Design Consultant).


Activities planned to be carried out in 2017 are:

  1. For program developmen,t staff will do the final selection and announcement of prospective doctoral students from 40 to 20 people who will go in 2017.
  2. For staff training program, there will be selection and candidate announcement for both faculty and staff, who will undergo training, in Indonesia and abroad. It was planned that 22 lecturers and 10 teaching staff will be included in training in 2017.
  3. For research grant, there will be contracts signing with grantees so that they can immediately start the research.
  4. For Life-based Learning curriculum development program these processes will take place: 1) Compilation of innovative study products so far and 2) Learning innovation workshops.
  5. Start-up workshops in March 2017.
  6. Preparation of infrastructure development which includes: 1) Waiting for DIPA, 2) Preparation of tender documents, 3) Creation of HPS, and 4) Implementing
  7. Building construction preparations which includes: 1) Preparation of tender documents, 2) Sending the tender documents to IDB; and 3) Waiting for NOL from the IDB.