Islamic Development Bank 4 in 1 Project Start-Up Workshop in State University of Malang

MALANG CITY – State University of Malang (UM) held a Islamic Development Bank (IDB) 4 in 1 Project Start-Up Workshop yesterday (28/8). The event is to socialize the implementation of development projects from four selected universities, namely Jember University (Unej), State University of Malang, Mulawarman University, and Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. This event is also a place to realize UM as the center of educational innovation.

In his speech, UM Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rofi’uddin MPd revealed that all of these programs lead to one point, namely how the vision and mission of UM is realized. He continued, although the step to realize the vision and mission is hindered by a lot of complaints such as insufficient teaching space, inadequate laboratory equipment, and so on, various breakthroughs must be sought to minimize these limitations. “Among other things, through the implementation of this IDB project,” he said.

Rofi’uddin also said, as the oldest Teacher Training Institute (LPTK) in Indonesia, UM should be the leader in education. “Therefore, let UM be a center of learning innovation through this IDB 4 in 1 project,” he asserted. He mentioned, the target, the next three years center of learning innovation at UM will be realized. “Later, if anyone should ask about learning innovation, please ask UM,” continued Rofi’uddin.

On the other hand, Rofi’uddin invites all academicians, especially lecturers and UM education personnel, to work together to participate in making start-ups, both systems and human resources, in order to achieve the target as a learning innovation center. For example, with regard to the curriculum, it should always be updated and growing. The most recent, for example, will be applied curriculum with life-based, transdisciplinary, and IT Fusion characteristics.

He said the renewal of the curriculum would be implemented into 57 undergraduate programs. “Do not use learning evaluations that are inconsistent with the current generation. All aspects  of the education from the learning media until the evaluation method should always be upgraded, “he added.

Other than that, he added, it is inadequate for students to have only competence. Students must also be proficient in their fields, so the curriculum must be adjusted according to the times. “Students in Z generation should not receive the curriculum of previous generations. The curriculum must be completely dismantled and adjusted for better graduates from year to year, “he added.

IDB 4 in 1 Project Management Unit Executive Director, Setiawan, during his speech in the first session explained, if you want to improve the competitiveness of learning innovation at the international level, the UM, in addition to being a learning university, must also accomplish learning innovation.

For example, IDB implementation with student exchanges this year, then in the next year should be evaluated. “Let these four universities unite to develop Indonesian education,” concluded Setiawan.

Journalist: Binti Nikmatur
Editor: Didik Harianto
Copy Editor: Arif Rohman
Translator + piu-idb website article editor: Muhammad Hafiz Riandi
Source: Copied with some changes to make it more grammatically and factually correct from this link (

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