International Conference on Learning Innovation 2017

Malang – Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) State University of Malang (UM) with funding from Islamic Development Bank Project Implementation Unit (PIU IDB) State University of Malang held International Conference on Learning Innovation (ICLI) on Wednesday (Oct 4, 2017), in Postgraduate Hall (2nd floor of UM’s H3 building State). The event was concluded with parallel session on Thursday (5/10/2017). This activity is part of a four-university consortium seminar incorporated in the IDB 4 in 1 Project, whose members are University of Jember, State University of Malang, University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, and Mulawarman University.

This activity presents keynote speakers from four countries, namely; Dr. David Stein (The Ohio State University, United States of America), Prof. John Hope (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Dr. Moch Rizal Palil (University Kebangsaan Malaysia), and Dr. Azhar Ibrahim Alwee (National University of Singapore). In addition to the keynote speakers, the event also featured invited speakers; Maman Fathurrohman, Ph.D (University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa), Prof. Dr. Suratno, M.Si (University of Jember), and Dr. Sudarman, M.Pd (Mulawarman University).

The event was opened by Vice Rector for UM Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Budi Eko Soetjipto, M.Ed., M.Sc. In his speech he said that this activity is a means to share ideas on warm issues and trending topics in the field of learning innovation.

“ICLI also aims to build the framework and international cooperation between universities in Indonesia, and facilitate inter-country research in the world, especially for the publication of research from Indonesian students and scientists in international journals,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the chief organizer of the event, Dr. Ahmad Munjin Nasih, S.Pd, M.Ag outlined the implementation of ICLI 2017 activities.

“The activities of ICLI 2017 are attended by about twenty four institutions in Indonesia. The participants also sent their abstracts to be selected for presentation in this activity. There are about 97 papers that pass the verification, “he explained.

To prevent plagiarism, the man who is also the head of the Center for Research and Social Services, Humanities, Sport and Health (P3SHOK) LP2M confirmed that they had checked for plagiarism. Therefore, for participants whose written works exceed the 10% tolerance limit would receive their works back and were not allowed to attend the parallel session.

The conference is organized based on 21st century trends, which are characterized by the increased complexity of technology roles in it, and the emergence of corporate restructuring movements. The current learning trend is to combine the quality of technology and human resources (HR), in building solutions to life problems. This condition requires human resources capable of taking initiative, having critical thinking, creative, and competent.

ICLI activities ended with a parallel session on October 5, 2017 held at LP2M UM Building (H4). Participants are divided into 8 parallel spaces. Each room is led by a moderator.

Author: Suhardi (link to original article on UM website)

Edited and translated by: Muhammad Hafiz Riandi (Staff of PIU IDB Universitas Negeri Malang)

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Rector of State University of Malang yesterday (12/9/2017) debriefed 20 PhD scholarship recipients of IDB UM Degree Training programs who will depart to various countries abroad between September 2017 to January 2018. The destinations are Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, England, South Korea, and Malaysia.

In his message, the Rector reminded the recipients of the scholarship that they should focus on their study as well as possible so that they can finish on time and will not require additional study time. “There can be no FAILURE in your dictionary”, he said. They are eagerly awaited by the institute to be the successor to UM leaders and lecturers who are now in their 50s and are expected to develop UM into Center for Science and Technology in the field of Learning Innovation in line with the PhD scholarships participants’ field of study abroad later.

The debrief of 20 prospective PhD students of the UMB Graduate Degree Training Program was attended by Vice Rectors, Heads of Institutions, Deans, Bureau Chiefs, Head of Personnel, UM IDB PIU Team, as well as lecturers who are the Overseas PhD Scholarship Recipient financed by Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

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Written by: Dr. Sintha Tresnadewi, M.Pd and Eti Kardiwati, S.S

Translated by: Muhammad Hafiz Riandi, S.SI

Islamic Development Bank 4 in 1 Project Start-Up Workshop in State University of Malang

MALANG CITY – State University of Malang (UM) held a Islamic Development Bank (IDB) 4 in 1 Project Start-Up Workshop yesterday (28/8). The event is to socialize the implementation of development projects from four selected universities, namely Jember University (Unej), State University of Malang, Mulawarman University, and Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. This event is also a place to realize UM as the center of educational innovation.

In his speech, UM Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rofi’uddin MPd revealed that all of these programs lead to one point, namely how the vision and mission of UM is realized. He continued, although the step to realize the vision and mission is hindered by a lot of complaints such as insufficient teaching space, inadequate laboratory equipment, and so on, various breakthroughs must be sought to minimize these limitations. “Among other things, through the implementation of this IDB project,” he said.

Rofi’uddin also said, as the oldest Teacher Training Institute (LPTK) in Indonesia, UM should be the leader in education. “Therefore, let UM be a center of learning innovation through this IDB 4 in 1 project,” he asserted. He mentioned, the target, the next three years center of learning innovation at UM will be realized. “Later, if anyone should ask about learning innovation, please ask UM,” continued Rofi’uddin.

On the other hand, Rofi’uddin invites all academicians, especially lecturers and UM education personnel, to work together to participate in making start-ups, both systems and human resources, in order to achieve the target as a learning innovation center. For example, with regard to the curriculum, it should always be updated and growing. The most recent, for example, will be applied curriculum with life-based, transdisciplinary, and IT Fusion characteristics.

He said the renewal of the curriculum would be implemented into 57 undergraduate programs. “Do not use learning evaluations that are inconsistent with the current generation. All aspects  of the education from the learning media until the evaluation method should always be upgraded, “he added.

Other than that, he added, it is inadequate for students to have only competence. Students must also be proficient in their fields, so the curriculum must be adjusted according to the times. “Students in Z generation should not receive the curriculum of previous generations. The curriculum must be completely dismantled and adjusted for better graduates from year to year, “he added.

IDB 4 in 1 Project Management Unit Executive Director, Setiawan, during his speech in the first session explained, if you want to improve the competitiveness of learning innovation at the international level, the UM, in addition to being a learning university, must also accomplish learning innovation.

For example, IDB implementation with student exchanges this year, then in the next year should be evaluated. “Let these four universities unite to develop Indonesian education,” concluded Setiawan.

Journalist: Binti Nikmatur
Editor: Didik Harianto
Copy Editor: Arif Rohman
Translator + piu-idb website article editor: Muhammad Hafiz Riandi
Source: Copied with some changes to make it more grammatically and factually correct from this link (

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Aanwijzing (Civil Work Briefing) for State University of Malang Learning Centre Building

On Monday, August 14, 2017 Aanwijzing was held for Learning Center Building State University of Malang which is a part of hard program from IDB 4in1 Project at State University of Malang. Those attending the meeting were the technical team of PIU IDB UM Hard Program and consultants from PT. Patroon Arsindo. In the Aanwijzing Process discussion was done based on the questions asked by the bidders and the resulting answer was uploaded into the LPSE system. All questions were answered and successfully inputted by the technical team and consultants before 7 pm, the deadline for inputting the answers into the LPSE system.

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International Seminar Coordination Meeting with State University of Malang Rector

Malang- At 09.00 on Friday 21st of April 2017, an International Seminar Coordination Meeting was held. The meeting was led by State University of Malang Rector who emphasized the importance of working together and synchronized communication in order to organize a successful International Seminar. The international seminar will be called The 1st International Conference on Learning Innovation. The meeting was held to report the progress, obstacles faced, and possible solutions in organizing the international seminar to the State University of Malang leadership team including the Rector.  The International Seminar will be held on the 4th and 5th of October 2017. To see photos of the meeting please click here.

Degree Training Candidate Callback

A short article by Muhammad Hafiz Riandi

Malang- In order to improve the quality of State University of Malang (UM)’s human resources quality, especially the quality of its lecturers, UM IDB PIU -working together with UM Office of International Affair- invited degree training candidates back for a second registration session as well as discussion session in order to fill up the remaining slot for Doctorate Scholarship paid for by IDB.

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